Meet the Author

Classic . . . hot . . . born in the wrong time. 

Synthia Moore is a woman of a time when curves were a necessity, women were not afraid to be feminine, and sultry looks were exchanged in dark, smoke-filled lounges.

She moves to Big Band Era, a bit of Frankie, Dean and Tony . . . and now days, enjoys the sounds of Michael Bublé.

Synthia likes to dress vintage classic–a little black dress goes a long way  (or a little hot red one–depending on the mood), pearls and diamonds are always in style and there is nothing wrong with a pair of patent-leather black pumps.

She loves a man in uniform–clean-cut and sophisticated or a classic black tux or suitcoat.  (There are moments when a bare-chested, shaggy, dark-haired,  man on the front cover of the latest paranormal fantasy romance will get her classic, red-blooded hormones to moan–but he has to be hot, hot , hot.)

Her ideal date?  When her man says, “Honey, meet me at Izzy’s at eight.”  He’s there waiting. She shows up in a taxi, the night is mild, she’s dressed to seduce.  He has a glass of homemade Sangria waiting for her at their favorite table.  Dinner is followed by light jazz, slow dancing and  . . . a slow ride back to the townhouse in his black Cadillac with the moon roof opened.  The night ends with a cup of hot tea . . . and Syn.


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