Snythia Moore is more than just a name.  She’s all of us at our most daring.  She’s any age of woman, at any time when thoughts of pleasure come to mind.  She is our alter ego outside of the hum drum average world where we have to maintain decorum and professionalism.  She is our nights of dreaming about our perfect man and what we would do if given the chance.  She is our own fantasies which give us pleasure. 

She is a hot bubble bath on a cold winter’s night, a touch of sensual bath oil, a glass of Merlot . . .while the man of her dreams watches privately from a distance .  She is the woman sitting across from a dark, haired stranger who makes her blood boil with thoughts of seduction.

She is satin negligees and candles burning while listening to light instrumental jazz.  She is thunderstorms while laying in front of a cozy fire.  She is sipping hot tea while reading a good book.  She is seduction and romance.

She is all this and more . . .

Syn Moore

–Writing erotica is right up there next to great sex.  If you write it  . . . they will come. –S.M.


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