Hot Dishes

Code of Conduct

Making Waves

Navy Senior Chief Amber Wray is out for a change of pace.  Years of playing it safe after being badly burned has left her a highly educated, professional administrative . . . bore, according to her friends and co-workers.  A new duty station, in a new detail as one of the first female Chief of the Boat gives her the perfect opportunity to try her hand at something bold and daring.  She has one weekend to prove to her friends and herself she’s still a woman under all her kakhi clothes.

Under Pressure

Commander Jason Morgan is assigned to oversee the new program for allowing women on submarines in the Pacific fleet.  Women should never be allowed–on his boat.  The only thing women were good for were two things–sex and birthing babies–and neither one was happening during his command.  


But a weekend night on the shores of Waikiki have the two meeting for the first time. With the guise of a perfect relationship–no names, no strings, and no promises–what more could either want before a six month cruise under the ocean?

Naval Affair

He sent out an S.O.S

Lt. Commander Craig Johnson can fly a FA-18 Hornet, land it on a pitching, rolling aircraft carrier out in the stormiest sea and manage a fighter squadron, hand picked by the Pentagon but yet he can’t deal with an over bearing mother insisting on getting him to settle down.  He’s stuck with trying to come up with a solution before she brings out her friend’s recently divorced daughter.  His luck is about to change when the cute as a button, sassy new supply division officer owes him a favor.

She came to his rescue

Lt. Nicole West is beholden to Commander Johnson for getting her division upgraded so she can get her work done in a timely manor.  But when she had said, she owed him one–it was a figure of speech, she didn’t expect him to need her to return one so quickly.  As a woman of her word she said yes–to pretending to be Commander Craig Johnson’s live-in fiancee for a weekend so his mother would leave him alone.

Mayday . . . Mayday!

Murphy’s law usually steps in and throws a monkey wrench–Craig’s parents decide to move down and by a vacation home near their son and future daughter-in-law to help prepare for the wedding.  What can they do without blowing their cover when most of the base and even the commanding officer is looking forward to the couple getting hitched?


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